SWF file not working on publishing or previewing in Storyline3 (a bar titled SWF showing up instead)

Oct 13, 2018

Hi everyone,

I am trying to insert a SWF file and embed it in my Storyline 3 file. Although the timeline, shows the SWF file entered as a video file, nothing is visible on the screen, in all the 3 modes: edit, preview or even after publishing. It displays as a text bar with SWF written on the slide. (screenshot attached)

I also have a Storyline 2 version in which the same SWF file works fine the way it should.

Can someone please help solve this problem in Storyline 3, it is highly critical.



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Rohit Raj Bora

Hi Michael, you are a life saver. Thanks a lot. I selected Flash/HTML5 and it worked.

Follow-up question: Will selecting this publishing option going forward have an impact on the overall functioning of the course (like will the other functionalities continue to work how they have been doing so far in the HTML5/Flash publish format)? 

Second question: Launching this on Edge and IE works fine. But on launching in Google Chrome i get the attached error. 

Since this course will be administered via LMS, will learners trying to open this course in Chrome all receive the same error message and can only execute in IE.

This is important to know as I have used a lot of wheel and wipe animations in my SL3 file and they work only when viewed in Chrome so I would really encourage the learners to try opening the course in Chrome.

Thoughts please!!!


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rohit, 

The other options should continue to function as you'd expect, but as most browsers continue to phase out Flash, the course may have difficulty in the future. That also explains the error message you're seeing in Chrome, as Chrome has started to block it by default

Have you looked at recreating that SWF file in another format, an MP4 perhaps? That'll ensure you're courses continue working once Flash is no longer supported by Adobe. 

With Storyline 3 you could choose to publish as HTML5 only and that'll prepare all your courses for a flash-free future (when some IT teams will even restrict access to sites that have Flash files). 

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