SWF not working correctly when imported into Storyline

Sep 22, 2015

The attached .swf file (Sample.swf) plays correctly when viewed on its own.

However, when imported into Storyline, the "reveals" that are supposed to start at about 37 seconds, actually begin starting at about 25 seconds which throws synchronization with the audio off completely.

Any thoughts on why this is happening, or how to correct it?

FWIW the swf was created using an old version of Flash (probably 4.0, although I'm not sure. Developed 4 years ago by someone else whose technique was a kludgy as mine with no documentation) and was updated using the current, most up-to-date version of Flash CC which forced an update to ActionScript 3.0 from ActionScript 2.0. The only ActionScript command in the file at all is stop() at the end to force a stop to the swf. One hypothesis is that there's some artifact hiding in the Flash file from which the .swf was rendered causing this blip, but that's  treasure hunt I'd prefer to avoid. That flash file is also attached.

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John Nixdorf

Thanks for the reply. Upping the frame rate to 30 fps didn't help.

It also doesn't explain why:
*The dozen or so other legacy swfs with comparable animation work fine
*The actual swf also works fine before it's imported into StoryLine
*The actual swf works fine when it's rendered using Flash 5.5 instead of Flash CC

I've devised a workaround where I turn the swf into an mp4 video which works well enough.

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