StoryLine 2: Imported SWF files will not display in preview scene or after publishing.


I am updating an eLearning module that was published using StoryLine 1. I have noticed that most of the SWF files that were imported will not display after publishing using StoryLine 2. The SWF files were imported as videos. If I select preview slide, the SWF files display correctly. But choosing publish or preview entire scene results in the SWF file not displaying. Any help would be appreciated.

I have attached a zip file containing the project and SWF files.

Thank you,

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Jason,

Thanks for sharing what you are running into with your projects and sharing your files.

When I try to use one of your .swf video files in a new project to see if the issue happens, I get the following error:

Which points to why the videos may not be functioning as intended and I wanted to share the following guidelines with you:

Storyline 2: Flash Movie Best Practices

Jason Sanders


Thank you for the quick reply! That makes sense now to why some of the SWF files operate normally while others do not. The SWF files were created by an outside vendor back in 2011, they are still relevant for us to use. It seems from your Best Practices link that SWF files with the _root reference were authored in ActionScript 2.0. I do not have the original project files for the SWF's so I cannot convert them to ActionScript 3.0. Are there any workarounds that you are aware of?  

Thanks again,

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jason,

Sadly, I don't have any further recommendations. 😞  Perhaps someone else in the community does! 

I'd suggest reaching out to the Adobe Flash Support center linked and see if they had suggestions on how to upgrade the files or look to remove the _root reference.

Feel free to keep us posted in case it may help others in the community!