SWFs Added as Videos, Player Overlaps Audio from Next Slide

I am producing a course in which most of the slides contain Flash movies (one movie per slide). The structure is simple: User clicks on frame, movie (swf) plays, movie ends, user clicks next, and watches another movie on the next frame. The movies are screen captures of software, created in a program called BB Flashback.

I would like the seekbar to be able to control these movies, so I ensured they were published without the controls on them and with no loop (they had initially been published with controls, which led to some trouble).

I thought I had finally set the settings to work out the bugs, and I was able to set the movies to that they were controlled by the seekbar, and I have spent the last several hours trying to figure out a new problem:

When one frame (with its corresponding video) begins playing, that movie is able to be controlled by the seekbar, but I can HEAR the movie for the NEXT slide at the same time. This happens on almost every frame, and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong!

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Jerson  Campos

Hey Mellissa,

I have encountered this a couple of times.  Do you have audio in the Flash video?  What is is set to? Stream or Start.  If you have it to start, then this is what is causing  the audio to play for the next slide.  My guess is because storyline loads the next slide to reduce the loading time between slides, that it triggers the "start" event.

The audio should be set to stream. This should fix this issue. What I do sometimes is I convert the SWF file to a video format using a program called Swivel.  It's very easy to use and it's free. It can covert the SWF files into any video format. 

Jerson  Campos

If never used BB Flashback, but if you can open it in Flash Pro, there should be a layer that contains the audio file in it. Click anywhere on that layer in the timeline and under the Properties tab look for the option under Sound > Sync and select to stream.

If this isn't possible, I suggest you output it to a video format using Swivel and just importing into storyline like that.

Melissa H.

Thanks Jerson and Emily.

Jerson, I appreciate your assistance. I went back into BB Flashback, where I originally recorded the movies, and I will post what I did, in case anyone else should ever have this issue. I chose the option to publish the swf as two separate files for the movie and toolbar. For whatever reason, it looks like the bug was coming from publishing the movie and toolbar together as one swf. Thank you again!