Swipe - 360 spin

Oct 22, 2016

I've been trying to create the swipe effect since SL1 and finally managed to really try it out and apply it - works on both flash and html 5. This is for a current project I am working on and I've changed the content for this demo.

Here's the demo:

To spin the car, you can:
1) swipe the screen
2) use the left/right button
3) click on the markers
4) input the frame no. on the bottom right box
5) use the default slider
Note: Info only appears when users click on the markers or input the frame no. 


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Rais Omar

Hi Michael,

Thank you.

Yeah I've tried on a few ios devices - iphone 5, ipad mini, ipad3. It works but not as responsive as the real swipe. A friend tested on his android phone and he said it actually works better on his android phone than his ipad. I've yet to test on androids myself but of course we've to consider that the content and usability for mobile devices with smaller screen sizes would be different from a desktop version.

I hope the new SL version will provide more gesture functions/triggers.

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