Swivel Animation - Vertical ?

Feb 17, 2015

Hello all,

I'm hoping someone could give me some suggestions on how to accomplish this animation in Storyline.

I have 3 valve handles (like you would find on your outside faucet). 

One view is looking directly at it.  I can animate it using spin - spins left/right no problem. (attachment VC_knob)

One view is from the side w/ the handle horizontal.  I can animate that one using the swivel animation. (only one way, but I can live w/ that)

(attachment VC-examples_pipes_handle)

The last view is from the side w/ the handle vertical.  Can someone give me a suggestion on how to animate that one using the existing animations?  All I can think of right now is having a few layers that "squish" the handle then expand it so it looks likes it turning.  

(attachment VC-examples_small_handle)


Any suggestions would be great!




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