Help with exit animation (I think!)

Hi again experts! Can anyone help me in trying to recreate the following animation?  I have three boxes that I would like to animate as in the example below, then have a box that directs me to a layer when they click 'click here for more information'.  I have tried having a hover state and swivel exit animation but its not working :(, please help if you can :)  Thanks in advance, I really do appreciate the help you all provide on this discussion board.



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Alvin

it's fiddly and doesn't always work but see attached sample.

You create the normal state, add the exit animation you want to the normal state, Ctrl C to copy that object, create the new state, delete the object on the new state and Ctrl V to paste into the new state. Then delete the animation from the normal state.  The new state should now have an exit animation.

Alvin F

Hi Wendy,

Thanks for the clarity that it doesn't always work. What I wanted to happen was to click the object and have it animated exit (e.g. Click and Disappear).

1. Therefore, I tried creating an object and create a new state called "Disappear".

2. Under "Disappear" state, I delete the object and replace with an identical one and then apply an exit animation to it.

3. Create a trigger "Change the state of the object to Disappear when the user clicks"

Yes, and it doesn't work.

I adjusted your sample and it didn't work too.

Alvin F

Hi Leslie, 

The exit animation upon timelines ends is not what I need (as per Wendy explained).

What I wanted was to "Click the object and Disappear with an exit animation", what I hope to achieve was to have the animation applied to the object under its newly created state instead of using its existing default states OR instead of using triggers.

Love this active community!

Alvin F

Hi Leslie,

Why I was determined to achieve "Click object and Disappear with an exit animation (in a state)" is because it is possible to "Hover object and Appear with an animation (in a state)".

You can check out my Easter game @ this link for a better understanding.

In this game, when you hover over the egg, you can see "target locked" animated. This is possible because I applied entrance animation to the object within its "Hover" state. 

I do hope the development hear this and have this improvement in the next update. I believe it is useful in a way or so.