Syncing audio from base layer with animations in the second layer:

Sep 02, 2016

How do I see the audio timeline form the base layer, while in the second layer? I wanted to sync my character animations according to the audio, but I cannot view the audio timeline while I’m in the second layer. So what I had to do was to memorize the exact second of the audio and then sync the character in the second layer according to that time.

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Walt Hamilton

Your method is more accurate and easier than the one you want, but can't have. Really, when I sync actions to a video or audio, I used to try and hit C, or pause at the exact moment on the timeline. It always took me several attempts. Now I play them in another program, and record the timing. I'm not as quick as you are, so I have to write them down. Play them once (video in MS MovieMaker, and audio in Audacity) record the timings, right click or drag the item on the timeline, and set the beginning time. Exact to .01 second, and no trial and error. It doesn't get faster (and more importantly) more accurate than that.

As you probably have found out, if the object is on a layer, and the layer doesn't start with the beginning of the slide, there will be some math involved. Maybe Leslie is right; it would be easier on the base.

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