Tab Order

I am having issues with tab order. I have attached a small file with a few question/interactions that I am trying to make as JAWS friendly as possible. It appears that the tab order is skipping the "suggested response" box as I have it ordered before the next button on the slide. It will then go around the player and go back to the response box. I can't seem to figure out why or where it's going.  Any help is greatly appreciated!. I have attached file and shot of the tab order. 

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Katie Riggio

So sorry you're running into this problem, Emily!

Does this short video recording match what you see on your end? After some digging, I found that we have an open bug where the tab order skips the layer objects and goes right to the player elements. (My hunch is this is a match, but I want to be sure!)

Please let me know, and I'll also keep you updated with any new developments on this issue!