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Dec 15, 2017

Hi there

I have read a few discussion trails, but I still feel the discussion didn't make me 100% sure of the answer.  And I have read the articulate document and still not sure :)

A two part question

1.  In the attached image -  Will the screen reader know to read "Describe the current landscape of the opioid crisis"  or will it read "Current Landscape Objectives - Group Obj1"

2.  I deleted all the individual items in the tab order and just kept the group, but should I have deleted the group and just kept the text box that was grouped. Or will this work fine?




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Teresa Vanderpost

Oh goodness I often do that and forget the attachment. I am home from work. Is so I will send it on Monday

Thank you for your quick reply.


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Teresa Vanderpost

Here is my original attachment.  I think Matthew you have clarified that based on my image attached I do need to fix it.  As I kept the group and removed the button alt text which means it probably won't work. 

Leslie based on this attached image was my other question, If I do not put in any alt text will it read exactly what is written on the left column.  I am trying to confirm if I have a text only box if I need to write Alt Text as it would say the same thing on the left and right columns?  Does that make sense?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Teresa, 

As Matthew mentioned, the software works with JAWS 16 or later.

You mention downloading JAWS, so let us know what you're findings and subsequent questions are once you get that up and running.

If you find you need further assistance, it is helpful to be able to see your file and you are welcome to share privately here.

Teresa Vanderpost

Thanks Matthew, this is really helpful....I didn't realize how much more work goes into storyline to ensure it is accessibility, you really have to add hours on to your timeline...

I also submitted a support ticket as I realized that when you add a table to a layer or anything to a layer and you go to the tab order, all the layer fields come up first, so you have to custom order every slide and move all the layer items one at a time down the list....would like to see that change :)

Thanks again! :)

Bob O'Donnell

You do not need to add or change the "alt text" for regular text blocks. As long as you have them marked for visibility the screen reader will take care of them. Tabbing order is important.

And yes, making a program accessible takes some extra work. Make sure you check for color contrast as well. (if you're not familiar with 508) There are free tools available for that.

Teresa Vanderpost

Thanks Bob, you are all so helpful I really do appreciate this forum.  I have them set to be seen and so I am glad to hear I don't have to retype the text in the alt text.  And the Tab Order is my best friend.  And yes, I have a website that is permanently up on my second monitor for checking.  I am often surprised about a colour combination that doesn't pass as it looks so clear to me....but I am not the one needing the great resource. 

Thanks again everyone!

Teresa Vanderpost

Hi there, does anyone who works for Articulate know if they have thought about my Tab Layer idea, I did submit it as a suggested idea within their form.  I am again working on a slide where I have a base layer, + 6 layers, and on each layer there are four or five items.  And when I open up the Tab Order (for accessibility), all the layer stuff is at top, and I can only click on one at a time and arrow one at a time.  It took me almost 30 minutes to do the Tab Order on one slide.  So was curious if it was looked at.  I think I put in about 5 suggestions regarding the Tab Order window within that suggestion :)  Thanks

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Teresa!  This article explains a little more about how we manage feature requests.  When we implement a new feature, we'll be sure to tell you about it in our release notes.  To date, we haven't made any changes in the tab order window.  I'm really glad you shared your insight, though.  Customers help drive our products, so keep your feedback coming.

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