Tab template connecting to the Notes section


I am currently using the Tab Interaction template on Storyline however I have run into some difficulty connecting each tab to the notes.

When I click on tab 1 or 2 or 3, the notes section does not reflect what is ONLY in that ONE particular tab. Is there a trigger that I can use to only show the content in each tab section when the user clicks on the tab verses having all the 5 tab content in one main notes section?

Your help is greatly appreciated.



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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Kristine!

Are you using the "SimpleTabs" interaction? If so, the content for each tab should be displayed through layers. 

So, if you want to display content separately for tabs 2 and three, you'll need to add content to layers "Layer 2" and "Layer 3". 

If that's not the interaction you're using, can you share a little more detail please?


Kristine Y

HI Christine,

I have entered my content in the layers.  However when I click on layer 1 during the preview I want the notes to reflect the contect in Layer 1.

Then when I click on layer 2, I want the content only from layer 2 to appear in the notes section on the left hand side.

When I refer to notes it is the section on the preview screen that will appear with menu, glossary and notes.

Is that possible. Or do I have to put all the content for each tab into the Notes section which would appear right away?


Christine Hendrickson

Hi Kristine,

Ahhh, I see! Thank you for the clarification. Unfortunately, no that wouldn't be possible with layers. The slide notes are pulled in from the slide, not layers.

However, what you could do is copy/cut the content from a tab and place it on a new slide. Have the course jump to that slide when that tab is clicked and show the notes for that tab. You could do the same for tab 3 and so on.

Would that work for you?


Donna Hamilton

I am using the Accordian template as well and have created a number of layers within each tab.  When I preview the course, it runs perfectly until I click on one of the tabs already visited.  It seems to show the last layer visited plus the main tab page.  Is there a way to have only the main page or landing page of that tab to show, that way a participant can work through that section again?

Thank you

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Donna and welcome to Heroes! 

I'm not sure I'm following the behavior you're describing, I assume you're using one of the single slide templates with the tabs as layers? I tested one of the sample ones, and after much clicking back and forth I still wasn't able to replicate the behavior you're describing. If your Storyline file is behaving oddly, you'll want to first confirm you're: