Tabbing between text entry boxes

Aug 03, 2012


Gold medal to anyone who can give me an idea how I can make it possible to tab between different text entry boxes.

I've managed to get it to advance to next slide by hitting the enter key once the final box (there are only 3!) has been completed but tabbing between the boxes is escaping me - I was hoping to change the state of the text entry box to normal once the tab key had been pressed but text entry boxes don't have states...!

If it's not possible then I would very much like it to be : )


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Phil Mayor

There is no trigger that does this, you can right click the box choose size and position and then alt text and untick the box object is visible to aceesibility tools which will stop it tabbing.

I cannot rememebr but i always thought the tab order was based on the position in the timeline, but this doesnt work, it seems to be based on the screen position

Kristin Macias

This is perfect - exactly what I was looking for. One strange thing that's happening to me, though - I have several text entry boxes and when I move from the first to the second box, I have to hit tab twice. After that, a single tab moves from one text entry to the next just as it should. But consistently, on all the slides I'm using this on, the first time I press tab I have to hit it twice for it to work. Any ideas why this is happening?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Glad this thread is still helping folks out - and I'm not certain that Kristin is still subscribed to this thread - but if you're having difficulty with that same set up, please let us know. I suspect the tab is first selecting the slide as a whole before going to the elements on the slide as a part of the accessibility features of Storyline. 

Erin Sadler

I don't suppose since this was posted anyone's come up with a workaround for the double tab issue? I have both my text entry fields at the bottom of the timeline, and turned off accessibility visibility on all the other objects on the screen.

I wish the user to enter a username and then tab to the password box - but it only works if you press tab twice, which is not helpful :(

Nan Spier

Well, I removed all of the "Object is visible to accessibility tools" for other non-text field items as mentioned in previous post. But i left all 4 fields alone. And therein lies the problem.

i just fixed it, however, by also removing the "Object is visible to accessibility tools" from that FIRST field. Now users can click to type in the first field, then press TAB once to move to next field. I love it when I solve my own problems!  LOL

ASVZ Talentontwikkeling

Looking for a totaly difrent problem with text entry i found this post. Verry helpfull!

I also got stuck with the multiple tapping to get to the second text entry, but i found the problem. Go to the masterslide and remove 'object is visible to accessibility tools' on every item AND the on te slide itself. Just right click on the edge of te slide.

Joy Scott

I am glad this discussion started. I have a tabbing issue with one of my slides. I am concerned that unchecking the "Object is visible to accessibility tools" option will make it inaccessible. Here's what I'd like the user to be able to do:

Come to the slide. When they press the tab key, a box (rectangle shape) appears on the slide in a certain area. When they press the tab key again, a box appears in another area and the first one disappears. They do this about four more times until they get to the last box.

There is audio on the slide. At the end, the audio explains that they can go ahead and use the tab key to perform what I described above.

I tried changing the state of one of the boxes to Normal when the user presses the tab key. That didn't help. The boxes wouldn't show up on the screen. Instead, when the user presses the tab key, it just selected the player controls.

Any thoughts? Thank you in advance.


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