Aug 15, 2014

I have to create a table with fake data to mask over real data in a tabular list. Because the fake data must match the font, color, size, and position, of other text in the video and screen shots, I need to be able to edit the table within Storyline. Copying and pasting from Word or PowerPoint is very slow and tedious trial and error.

Any suggestions on an efficient way of doing this?

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Greg Faust

Creating tables in Storyline is less automated than it is in Word or Powerpoint, since you have to create each line or shape yourself. Here are my thoughts:

  • Use the align tool when making/filling in tables. Up top, on the Home tab, near the right, when you have object(s) selected, there's the Arrange pulldown; select Align, and you can align one object relative to the screen (single object selected) or multiple objects relative to each other (multiple objects selected).
  • You said you need to be able to edit in Storyline, so you can't just import them from Powerpoint or Word. Fair enough. What you might be able to do, though, is use Powerpoint or Word (or another program) to create the background/borders for your table. Storyline handles the import of images just fine, and MS Office does allow you to turn charts into images. I think Copy-From-Powerpoint -> Paste-to-Storyline automatically turns a chart into an image. Otherwise, a lot of copy-paste operations *within* MS Office give you the option to "Paste as image" if you right-click. Once these borders/backgrounds are in Storyline as an image, you can manually put all your (editable) text boxes over top of the background/boarders image.
John Blum

Hi Greg and Ashely,

Thank you for your replies. By the time I received your reply I had done similar to what you said, Greg, and pasted 60 text boxes onto the video. Because they were text boxes, I was able to reuse them in a different timing in the video by changing the text in some of them, while keeping the same sizes, relative positions, and other related objects all grouped. Converting the text boxes to images will be helpful should they needed to be cropped in other videos.

Ashely, I submitted the new feature request.

Thank you,


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