Table of Contents - prevent navigation if Module not completed

Apr 06, 2023

Hi there,

I have multiple Scenes within a Story. The scenes A, B, C, and D are meant to be taken sequentially and in the Player menu, I have set the pages to 'Restricted' so that a learner cannot proceed through without completing the pages prior.

However, at the beginning of the Story I have a 'Table of Contents' page where learners can click an object to go directly to scenes A, B, C, and D. The problem is - this seems to be a 'work around' for the Learner to do the scenes out of order (i.e. if you click the object for Scene B, the Learner can go to Scene B without having completed Scene A). I'd like to have this set up so that if the Learner clicks a Scene for which they haven't completed yet, I can stop prevent them from going to it. 

I am trying to play around with the Triggers and Conditions but haven't had any success preventing this from happening. Does anyone have any guidance on how to address this? Thank you!

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Sandeep Gadam

Hi Deme, you can do this by restricting the Menu. Go to the player, and click on the Menu and then settings. On this pop up dialogue box click on the drop down and choose Restricted. With this option enabled, user can't directly navigate to the next slide without completing the first slide. After user has reviewed all slides, for the second visit user can navigate to any slide within the module. Please review the attached screenshot for your reference.