Tablet (iPad) Tips 'n' Tricks!

Hello heroes!

I would like to make an info-graphic or at least some kind of checklist to understand the key items to identify when designing a Storyline object, for desktop and tablet use.

I know some key issues include:

  • Using large buttons and slide layers to deliver content.
  • Avoid small graphics / icons that may scale down for tablet use.

I plan to use an iPad and an iPad emulator to test out the deployed objects, but would really like to know best practices before I get to that stage.

Thank you!

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Walt Hamilton

Be aware of two things, for sure.

If you are publishing to a password-protected site (like an LMS), the Articulate Mobile Player will not allow the user to sign in, so be sure to publish for Html5, but NOT the mobile app.

Using hover as a trigger doesn't work well. In a mobile app, 'hover' is replaced by 'gesture into' and it is tricky to get the timing right so the app recognizes the gesture as an instruction to the content, and not an instruction to it to move the window.

Ashley Terwilliger

Not entirely Walt - if you're LMS is password protected and supports publishing for Tin Can API, then you can use the Mobile player. You can read more about that here.

Also, our HTML5 output doesn't support gestures, such as pinch-to-zoom or swipe, on mobile devices. However, the Articulate Mobile Player app is optimized to support gestures.

Gemma Henderson

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for those great resources! My Googling skills failed to bring up those results. Eeps.

I was not aware about the requirement for an LMS to have "private content authorization for mobile apps" to run TinCan API content. I will certainly look into that issue.