Tabs Interaction issue - How do I deactivate the next button untill all the slides are viewed?

Jun 15, 2015

Hi there, I'm a newbie here. I created a tabs interaction via Tom's demo and then added more slide links to each connected page. So, after the user has visited each link, the next button allows you to take the test. I have link to the test itself (for testing out) but I don't want students to be able to click the next button until ALL the pages are viewed. Does this make sense to anyone? If so, how can I change the tabs interaction so it won't show the next button until all pages are viewed?

Thanks! Tom

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James Snider

Each slide can have the Next and Prev buttons disable individually on the Story View tab. Click the slide and then check or uncheck the boxes on the right. Allow the button only on the last slide. Another solution would be to make variables. So create a variable and call it something like SlideView. Set the initial value to 0. Then create a trigger to update Slide View +1 each time a link is clicked. If you have 8 slides, once the SlideView variable hits 8, enable a button that on click, goes to the test. For the button, set the initial State to Hidden. Then set a trigger that when SlideView hits 8 (or however many links you have), change the state of TestButton to Normal. Then it'll appear and its trigger to go to the test slide will be enabled. Hope that helps.

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