Take submit button out while Lerner need to be reminded, if they don't answer a question (Storyline 3)

May 22, 2020

Is it possible that I want learner be reminded by a message if there are any choices they haven’t answered, providing I took all submit button out. And reminding message should be popped up after learner click submit (should be one time submit for all questions).

please see my attached file, 

kindly note that I don't want so many buttons on a question slide while learner should look through all questions before decided to pick one  rather than submit respectively. 

Thanks for your help!

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Andy Banga

Hi Thachakorn,

Happy to lend a hand!

My idea here is to assign a variable for each question slide to determine if the learner has selected an answer or not. To do that, I've added a trigger (see image below) to detect the choices state before going to the next slide.

On the End of Quiz slide, a review button would appear if the learner has missed to answer any of the slides. On my sample file, the review button would allow the learner to revisit the slides by redirecting to the start of the Question scene. Feel free to adjust it to your intended design.

For a better look, I’ve attached the edited version of your project. I hope this helps.

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