Taking my courses to the next level

Apr 08, 2014

Hello All,

I'm hoping for some direction... I've been using Articulate Storyline for several months now, but feel I'm a bit stuck in a rut... I've got all the basics down, and have grown pretty comfortable working all the features like triggers, buttons, states, etc... but what I'm really wanting is to kick it up a notch... go from an "E-Learning Designer," to an "E-Learning Hero." And there is SOOO much information on this site... tutorials, blogs, downloads... it's a bit overwhelming. I could (and I have) spent hours looking through all this great information, but I was wondering if there was just ONE course, book, or demo that would really help me advance... or maybe a spot on the site that ONLY focuses on demos and downloads? A "Challenge Assignment" or two, if you will? Or do I just need to keep practicing? Thanks, everyone.

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