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Susan Loubser

We are testing TalentLMS. Our courses upload correctly - but there is that 100MB limit. I apologize for hijacking this thread, ut we are having another issue.

All our courses work fine on our current LMS - but I cannot get the scores to report in this software. 

I can take the course, pass it, get a certificate - but scores are not being recorded. I am outputting to Scorm 1.2, I have tried tracking when the learner has viewed all the slides, or completed the quiz, changing the reporting status to the LMS on Pass/Incomplete and  Pass/Failed. My results slide is setup, and correct.  I am not sure what I am missing.

My guess is it's on the TalentLMS side - but their tech support referred my back to Articulate, - with this message :"If you decide to use scores, then please keep in mind that score is an optional feature of SCORM 1.2. If it's not being sent to the LMS, then no value can be displayed. You will need to contact the support of the authoring tool and confirm not only that score is being sent to the LMS, but also 'when' it is sent."  It believe I have it set correctly - but I am not sure about the "when" it is send - and how that would effect things.

Has anyone fought and beaten this issue?

Math Notermans

That is one of the big issues. The LMS provider blaming the Authoring tool and vice versa. I noticed that on almost all LMS's and that is no fun. We as users of a 'Rapid Authoring Tool' should be receive perfect compatibility with all major LMS's. Articulate will state... if it works on Scorm Cloud its ok... the LMS provider will probably state the same...and we as users are left in the dark. 

Susan Loubser

Thank you Leslie.  I did resolve this - and am sharing what I discovered. I am setup as a superuser - so the system assigns me 3 roles - Admin, Instructor and Learner. I tried to take the course in all 3 roles - and no scores were recorded. (The literature says if you take the course as a learner, scores should be recorded.)  When I created a user that is only a learner, and this user took the course and assessment, a score was saved.  An easy fix - but a lot of work to get there!