Tally of Incorrect Marks

Hi all, I'm really new to Storyline 360 and I'm not sure if it's possible to be able to tally the number of incorrect marks a user will commit.

So I've created a "tool simulation" where the idea is for the user to click the right buttons to test their knowledge on navigation. To do that, since some slides will require multiple selections, I have added shapes instead of hotspots. For every incorrect shape, the incorrect layer will show and they can only proceed once they're able to select the correct shape/hotspots. I just used the standard slide and copied the layers for correct/try again feedback.

I'm stuck in a slump. Would really appreciate any insights on this :)

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Aya,

In the attached example I have set up two variables to count the number of times an odd and an even number are clicked on the calculator. The same process could be used to select correct and incorrect clicks on buttons on a tool.

Each of the buttons 1-9 has a transparent circle over the top of it and that is the shape that triggers the counter (I have left the outlines in place so that you can see where the circles are). When one of the buttons is clicked, a value of one is added to the appropriate variable and these are then displayed at the bottom of the slide.

Hope this helps.