Team based learning with Tin Can API

Jul 16, 2015

So I've been building courses and have the ability to export to Tin Can for my LMS. One thing that I read that I'd LOVE to incorporate into my courses is to work with team-based learning ( It seems that tin can is capable of doing this, but I can't find any resources to help actually make this happen. 

Is this possible using storyline? Is there any way to create a course where multiple users can comment/contribute to a slide, or complete a slide together? Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Andrew Downes

Hi Chris. 

If you're happy with using Storyline's actions features and a little JavaScript, it's certainly possible to pass data between learners in a course using Tin Can. You'd then need to be comfortable using that data to build the team based interactions you wanted. 

If that seems like something you'd be able to achieve, I'd be very happy to share some instructions and sample code for the Tin Can part. We'll actually be publishing a guide (not specific to Storyline) on sometime soon and I can share a preview with you by email. Mail if you're interested. 

It definitely would be amazing to see this sort of feature built into Storyline too though, so I'll second Ashley's suggestion of a feature request! 

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