Tech Support - Course returning too many 'lesson status' indicators

Oct 04, 2016

I'm having trouble with a course.  The course goes between content and questions, with a results slide at the end.  The trouble is with how the course is interacting with my LMS.  I'm trying for a pass/incomplete with a 90% threshold.  I've done this successfully many times in the past.  I've actually tried many versions of this course and many published files in an attempt to fix.  I've been in contact with my LMS company, and i'm being told the problem is on the end of the creation tool.  I'm publishing to SCORM, but TinCan is not solving the problem either.  My LMS company says: this relates specifically to the “lesson_status” message sent from the SCORM. LearnUpon tracks an attempt as each time we receive a “lesson_status” parameter from a SCORM course. Typically, with most SCORMs, this “lesson_status” would be relayed as part of the “LMSFinish”, the SCORM finishing statement which contains details related to a learners enrollment. In the case of your SCORM, I’m seeing a “lesson_status” attribute getting assigned lot’s of times as part of the enrollment (passed on a set_value parameter)." and "There are a few anomalies with this SCORM as I’ve mentioned, the lack of an LMSFinish would be one of the more significant ones. As for a reason for that, unfortunately that’s beyond our area of expertise, we can only advise on what you’re SCORM course is sending. This is something that your authoring tool provider will need to comment on. Another observation that would be worth mentioning to your content development tool provider would be that the “lesson status” appears to be getting triggered for every answer that the learner provides, rather than the usual method of tracking a “score_raw” variable and summing that at the end of the enrollment."  I can't seem to locate a number to contact tech support for Articulate Storyline 2 directly.  Has anyone had this issue before?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nicole,

Thanks for providing the information shared from your LMS team as well. As Phil mentioned you can also test it at SCORM Cloud as it's an industry standard for LMS testing and you'll see some steps here to walk through that. You could also look at enabling LMS debug mode as detailed here to see what data is being passed back and forth. 

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