Template for creating drag & drop items in a stack

Feb 24, 2022


I'm new to Storyline, having used RISE for almost a year now.

I want to create some simple interactions to replace the standard elements in RISE.  I just want the basics, on which to build, and I've found templates for much of what I want.

But I cannot see anything that replicates "Sorting activity" - where cards are dragged from a stack into one of two or more locations.  Everything I've seen just sets up cards in different positions on-screen rather than in a verical stack.

If anyone out there can help, I'd be SO happy :)



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Kelly Auner

Hi Steve,

I've been reading through the Drag and Drop Questions page which I've linked here!

Here are some tips for selecting drag items and drop targets:

  • Each drag item can be matched to only one drop target.
  • On the other hand, each drop target can be assigned to more than one drag item—i.e., you can drop multiple items into the same target.

Have you tried assigning more than one item/card to the same drop location? 

Thank you,


Steve Warren

Thanks Kelly

I actually want to know how to "stack" items. 
Although I'm new to Storyline, I've read enough (and have templates) that I should be able to assign states and all that stuff.

But I can't get started without placing the cards on top of one another, and as I said, everything I see just sets up cards in different positions on-screen rather than in a vertical stack.

I'm pretty sure that the answer will be "Oh, you just [simple instruction]" but without this knowledge - or better still, a template - I can't even begin.

Even something that replicates the RISE behaviour, which I can then customise and brand within Storyline, would be enormously helpful.



Steve Warren

Thanks Maria

Well, I don't need to snap anything back, I just need to be able to place items in a stack so they can be dragged to one of two (or more) locations, when a correct or incorrect status would be created.  In fact, dragging them back would be counter-productive: they need to stay in the position they're dragged to.

It's just the placing in a stack that baffles me: if I can do that, I'm sure I can do the rest.

I'm so surprised that I can't find anything to help :(