Template from Master Slide does not apply

Dec 15, 2014


I exported templates from the previous project created in Story 1 and when I try to apply this layout to my new project in Story 2 it does not work. I choose  the slide, select layout and the title of the slide does not change. Some other features (placeholders, outline) get applied, but the appearance of the title does not change.  When I check it, it shows that correct layout in the slide master section, but the features of this layout do not get applied. I also tried to duplicate that layout and apply it - does not work either. I must say that this is an issue with a particular design - other designs work fine. Any troubleshooting suggestions? Thanks a lot!

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I realize this thread is a bit old.  I ran into a similar issue.  I noticed that only my placeholders for text would show up but none of the graphical elements.  I started clicking around and noticed that if you click on the affected slide, and then click on the design tab at the top, there is an item on the far right of the toolbar that says "Hide Background Graphics."  I imported a bunch of slides, and this was checked for several of them.  I unchecked it, and my background graphics appeared.

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