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Sep 30, 2014

Hi all, So I have 8 player templates from SL1 that I need to move over into SL2. In SL1 I was able to find a folder on my comp and save files into it. Then when I opened SL1 -- Player. I was able to see the new player templates.

Now in SL2 I have found the location(I belive) where the SL2 player templates are saved, So I copied the SL1 player templates into this locaion but now in SL2 Player -- Current Player -- Open all I see is


     Storyline Player


    Storyline Player

None of my SL1 templates are listed, But when I go to Import. I pick the template I want to import and I get a erros msg.

There is already a player with that name. Please choose a unique name.

So why are not all of my templates listed when I choose Current Player -- Open?

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Emily Ruby

Hello Bobby!

When the error pops up, you can click OK, and it will give you the options there to change it to a unique name.

You will need to import each template into your file, they do not automatically load when you copy them to the destination folder where your SL2 templates are.

Here is another thread for reference.

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