Templates - How would you set this up?

Feb 06, 2014

Hi all!

With a goal of making it faster and more efficient to build courses, I have a client who wants two things:

1. A course "master" template with prescribed design, player and publishing settings.   This will be the file that everyone who builds a course will start with.  FYI - they have some brand new Storyline developers building some of these courses.

2. Slide templates for some common interactions.   

I see two ways to create this and I and hoping for some feedback/other ideas for the best way to structure this - especially knowing there are brand new Storyline users who will work with this.

1. Create one file with everything in it (course master and interactions).  This would mean that the interactions would not need to be saved as templates because they can be copied/pasted from within the document.  Once the course is built, the scene containing all the sample interactions can be deleted.


2.  One Master Course File, and one Template file  This way the slide templates will be part of the template menu when adding a new slide, and the master course file with be clean.

Which do you prefer?  How do you structure something like this and what do you name them...seems like everyone is calling everything a template, which can be a bit confusing.

Thanks in advance for any ideas!


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Dennis Hall

Hi Jill:

First, a template has characteristics that a story does not.

I create storytemplate files for others to use for look, feel, navigation, and common slides such as glossary slides.

I create interactions for others to import at the slide editing level. I prefer to save the interactions as single page story files containing a single interaction type and save them to a common place. I do this to make it easy or the others to manage the interactions on a slide by slide basis. These interactions do not contain custom master slides.

For the player styling, I export that to XML and have the users import it from a common location.

Hope this helps.

Dennis Regards,

Dennis Hall

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