Tempshare (Urgent)

Apr 10, 2019

I have put together a Storyline 3 presentation for my employment. We need to be able to share it with others (higher ups) to get feedback and a good-to-go before we can go any further.

When I upload to Tempshare and send out a link, there are quite often issues that others see in the formatting. If I open the link on my computer (the only one with Storyline software) there are no issues. Is there something I need to do differently? 

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Noel Read

Hi Jason, the way I normally do it is to publish to web, zip it, upload it to something like DropBox, instruct the reviewers to download it, unzip it and then double click on the file that will run it. So far everyone that has needed to review it has done so with no issues.

The only issues with formatting are when learners (or reviewers) are using IE or MS Edge browsers - and this relates to these browsers not displaying some fonts correctly (so they get missing letters t or f). If they use Chrome there are no issues.

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