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Kevin Thorn

Hi Jan,

You can easily create a sample SCORM package for testing on your LMS.

Create a short 5-10 slide project. Just label the slides Page 1, Page 2, etc. so they appear in the menu and just put filler text and maybe an image or two on each slide. On one or more of the slides add an interaction or quiz. Then add a Results slide to calculate one or both of the interactions.

Then publish to LMS with the necessary settings your LMS provider will need. If you're not sure, publish several SCORM output packages with different settings.

For example:

  • TestCourse1_SCORM-1.2 (tracking: results slide, reporting: Completed/Incomplete)
  • TestCourse2_SCORM-1.2 (tracking: 10 of 10 slides, reporting: Passed/Failed)
  • and so on

There are two tracking options - by results slide or by maximum slides viewed. There are four reporting options - Completed/Incomplete, Completed/Failed, Passed/Incomplete, Passed/Failed. If my math serves me correct that would be eight (8) total combinations.

Again, your LMS provider should be able to tell you what reporting they prefer, so all you would need is testing the two tracking options with that one reporting option selected.

Kevin Thorn

Hi Jan,

Can you define what you mean by "a little more complex" ?

Most LMS's only track completion status and/or scores. Whether your sample course is 10 slides in a linear path or a 100 slide branching scenario, in the end SCORM will only track completion of max slides or a results slide from one or more interactions.

There are other more granular things you can measure. Without getting too geeky and just trying to test whether you LMS communicates and tracks, a simple course should be sufficient.