Test Out (only 1 attempt)

Hi all,

Not sure if this is possible, but a client has asked for the following functionality and I'm drawing a blank.

  • Pre-test - if the learner passes, the score is passed to LMS and course is marked as complete.
  • If the learner fails the pre-test, the learner must then progress to an attestation to complete the course (ideally with the score passed back to LMS as well).
  • Learner only gets 1 shot at the pre-test.

Any ideas that might fulfill all or even part of the above? Any information would be much appreciated!

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Robert,

Attempts and connections between tests the user has to take and which ones are scored/counted are often handled by the LMS - you may want to search through the forums using the search feature in the top right of the screen to see some examples - but I didn't see anything that matched your situation exactly. 

Judy Nollet

When in doubt, fake it. Instead of scoring based on an actual test (pre- or otherwise), create a question slide disguised as an interaction. Have all users branch to that slide eventually. Set it up so they have to get it "correct" and then advance to a Results slide (also disguised).

Granted, this won't give the LMS the score for the actual quiz questions, so if you were hoping for data about that, then this solution won't work. Otherwise, it's a good way to trick SL into telling an LMS that someone passed no matter how many slides they viewed or how they did on pre- and/or post-testing.