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Apr 12, 2017

I have run into a unique problem when trying to publish a lesson.  There seems to be a limit of 10 questions.  When I add more than 10 questions to a test(quiz), I get a publishing error from the Adobe Flash Player (see attachment).  This does not happen if I only have 10 questions in the test.  I have switched questions and even just made duplicate the same question, but as soon as I add the 11th question, I get this Flash Player prompt.  I am running Storyline 2 in Windows 10.  This has not happened before so I am at a loss as to what is causing this issue.  Help please?

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Victor Madison

Upon further investigation, I found that it was not the number of questions in a single quiz that caused the issue - it was the total number of quiz questions in the entire lesson.  The lesson is divided into 3 major sections with quiz questions for each section.  I also have a final test.  If the total number of questions in the lesson is less that 52, I do not get the Flash Player display.  At 52 or greater, this problem crops up.  What a discovery!  Any thoughts on what is happening or has anyone had the same issue?


Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Victor, thanks for your post!

Is it possible that you launched your published Articulate project on your local computer? If so, you may be experiencing a new security feature introduced in Flash Player 23 that disables local playback of Flash content. 

Have you tried hosting your published content on a web server instead? If so, do you see an error message there? 

Victor Madison

I'm certain the problem has to do with Windows 10 and the built in Flash Player.  However, I can't get to the proper page to adjust the settings as described on a web site referring to this problem.  I can publish and run the lesson in HTML using Firefox.  My Windows 10 is finicky and runs story files sporadically.

My clients want the Lessons delivered in the "CD" version so they can run it as a stand-alone product.  So, I've got to figure out a work around for this flash player problem.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Crystal Horn

Hi Victor, and thanks for the additional information.  To clarify, it sounds like you are publishing your course for CD, and during that process, you are getting the Adobe Flash Player error message IF your course exceeds 52 quiz questions total.  Does that sound correct--that you are seeing the error during publishing your course and not when trying to play the course?  When you publish to Web, however, you are able to play the course in Firefox.

Is there any way that you can share your .story file with us for testing?  For this circumstance, I would recommend working directly with our support team who can further investigate your file as well as your particular Windows and Flash Player settings to better understand why you are getting caught on that message.

Victor Madison

Well, it took a lot of work but I got the lesson published and working fine published as a "CD" version.  In previous version that had problems, I used quizzes in individual scenes for each section and skill level.  This resulted in 9 separate scenes just for the quizzes plus 2 more for final tests.  I switched to using the "Question Bank" method where I have one large question bank that I draw questions from for the quizzes and tests.  I also added my working folder to the Flash Player trusted locations.  Voila!  Everything works just fine now.

Victor Madison

Crystal, thank you very much for your reply and offer for help.  This has been very frustrating, but , as you can see from my latest reply, I have it all working now.  Even the versions that gave me errors are working.  I went into the Flash Player Settings and added my S2 working folder to the trusted locations.  I "think" that did the trick.  I have my fingers crossed that this will not crop up again.

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