Testing Data Entry boxes in preview

When I test my project in preview mode and type in the data-entry boxes to test they work, that is somehow transferring to my published version. If I go back to the project everything is set to default "Type your text here" and the same when previewing the project in Articulate. Is there something like a cache I need to clear before publishing my final project? 

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Becca Levan

Happy to troubleshoot this with you, Nick! Welcome to E-Learning Heroes ⭐️

I'm having difficulty recreating what you're describing: here's my test.

Let's start here:

  • Be sure you're working locally when saving, editing, and publishing.
  • Are you able to recreate the same behavior in a new blank Storyline file?

Keep me posted on your findings, and if possible, share your file, and we'd be happy to test things out!