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Jun 02, 2015

Hi Articulate Community,

     Our group would like to explore the idea of allowing users to take a pre-test at the very beginning of a course and "test out" of topics they already know.  I imagine that this is possible by carefully setting up triggers.  So far I have not gotten this to work quite like how I would want it to work.  I was curious if someone had already tried this or if they could advise how I could set this up? 

What I have tried so far is to link where the users starts by how the user answers the question -- either correctly or incorrectly -- and then subsequent sections that follow, are either played through or skipped depending on how the user answered the corresponding question in the test.   The first part -- where the users starts -- I can get to work.  What I am having trouble with, is allowing the user to skip sections that come after the section they start on, if they answered the question correctly.  So for example:

the quiz has 7 questions that each correspond with the 7 sections. 

The user gets sections 1,4,5 all correct, so has to only watch sections 2,3,6 and 7.

What is happening right now, is that I am able to start the user at section 2, but not able to successfully have the user skip sections 4 or 5. 

Any advice you can give is appreciated.


Thank you.



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Gary Collins

At the end of each section I would add triggers to move to the next section based on if they got it correct in the pre-test.

For example:

At the end of section 2 you would have the following triggers.

If variable question3 is equal to False go to Section 3
If variable question4 is equal to False go to Section 4
If variable question5 is equal to False go to Section 5
If variable question6 is equal to False go to Section 6
If variable question7 is equal to False go to Section 7

Lets say they got section 3 and 4 correct and 5 wrong.

Making sure these triggers are in the right order going down that list they wouldn't go to section 3 or 4 because they got it right and the variable would be equal to True. But when it got to section 5 which they got wrong it would be False, thus sending them to Section 5 skipping the last two sections in the trigger list.

At the end of Section 5 you would have the following:

If variable question6 is equal to False go to Section 6
If variable question7 is equal to False go to Section 7

We don't need the other triggers because they would have all ready done those or skipped out of them.

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