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Jul 10, 2020

I'm having a challenge with slide alignment. It seems that no matter where on the slide I put the second line of number 3 in preview it shows up left of the line above. I am working in SL3. I also tried not using the return key to align the second line and the difference is even more marked.  Any ideas on what is happening, what I may be doing wrong?  THANKS

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Sylvia Wright

Leslie, thank you for looking. I have experienced it with both built in and manual. I'm actually experiencing the problem across several slides and not just bullets and finding it frustrating.  I'll see if I can get you more examples. I'm using SL3 on Parallels. I remember having this issue some time in the past so will try to go back and find that discussion as well.

Leslie, attached is just one slide with issues, minor here. There is at least one other which I will locate. Note the "dan" at the end of #3 and the "kebenaran" of #4. MEGA THANKS. I'm still looking for the discussion on it some time back.

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