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Joe Dey

Hi Daphnee,

I do this quite a lot at work.  Some of my text based content is published to html5 and a simple button 'Text version' with a trigger to 'open url' and setting up to open in the current browser (or as a popup or full screen).  I usually place a link to the storyline file on the text version to open in the current browser and set the Storyline file to 'always resume'. 

If your text file is a document like say pdf just use the button to link to it and open in a new browser window and set the custom size to 800 x 900 usually works for me.  You wont be able to link back to the Storyline file from it but you won't need to. 

Happy to send on a working example if you need one.


Joe Dey

OK Daphnee

So, I have knocked up a quick demo for you. The Storyline file is a simple single page representation of an GUI version of a course. To bring up the text version, which you might need say to ensure your course contains accessible content (note: I have not included the parts to make the text version fully accessible), there is a link to an external text file, in this case a simple html file.  Clicking on the link (Text Version) opens up the external HTML file (make sure you have put it in the correct folder).  The external text file contains whichever text you want to include, I have also included a couple of images for demonstration purposes.  In the sample I have provided, you can also allow your learners to print the text file or save its contents to PDF which is of use to all learners in both the GUI and Text environments.

Hope it helps.