Text at top left is all "scrunched" up


Just activated my version of Storyline only to find the text at the top left is illedgible and overlapping - the link still works however. Should it say "recording" since thats what happens when I click the jumbled letters?

Can anyone help solve this problem? It may be connected with running Storyline on my mac book pro using windows 7 in a parallels environment. Also just downloaded Flash version 11 (is this connected?). I am not really sure Storyline is working properly. I would appreciate any feedback possible. 


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Peter Anderson

Hey Graham,

I'd start by checking this article to make sure you're following the best practices for running Articulate software in Parallels. Then try running a simple repair on Storyline to see if resolves the issue you're experiencing. If you're still having issues, please don't hesitate to contact our support team for further help. Thanks!