Text box highlights when hovered over

Apr 05, 2018

All the text boxed in my course gets highlighted when mouse in hovered over. 

There are no hover states and triggers added to these text boxes. Attached an image of this. I'm using Storyline 3. Please help me fix this!

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Bob O'Donnell

That's a new one. The text blocks are set as hyperlinks. It took a bit to find them, but they are there. Set as hyperlinks but no URL to got to.

If you copy the text out and reset the slide to the template file it removes the hyperlink behavior. Same thing if you find the hyperlink option and edit or remove the text.

Not sure how it got pasted in or set up. But that seems to be the issue. I managed to remove the highlights without too much trouble. The title wasn't easy to find, but playing around with it revealed the hyperlink option.

Bob O'Donnell

Ok, I figured someone would ask. Here's the file. The Question was tricky as the hyperlinks there were applied in the Form View. My guess is maybe they were copied and pasted that way. Never saw that before though. It was fun figuring out.

Girish - Set your Slide Master up with the look you are going for and use it for development.

In the attached file, I simply fixed what was set on the slides.

Richard Tomchuk

Hello all,

I've noticed this issue appears to be tied to the entrance animations. The hyperlink behaves normally if I mouse over it when the text box animation is set to None or "Sequence as One Object." However, if I set the Effect Option to "By Paragraph" and then mouse over the hyperlink, it is covered with blue box as in the attached image.

Resetting the slide as Bob suggested fixes the issue, but only until I re-enable the animation. Then the problem occurs again.

I've submitted a support case.

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