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Jun 27, 2013

I have a slide that has multiple text boxes in it. When the slide starts the cursor automatically is placed in the first text box which says "First Name" however since the cursor starts there as soon as the slide begins the user is not able to read the text that says "first name" it is just a blank text box with a blinking cursor.

Any thoughts on how to require that the user click in the text box rather than have it automatically start in a box?

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Rob,

If you have any other objects on your slide, place them (or it) above the text entry objects on the timeline.

RFC NOTE EDITED POST.: Apologies. This should say to place the objects BELOW the text entry objects.

If you don't have any other objects, insert a shape offstage (out of the view of the slide) and place it above the text entry objects on the timeline.

RFC NOTE EDITED POST. This should say to place the offstage object BELOW the text entry objects.

One last quick note: although I know this to be true, I tested first to be sure I had my "aboves and belows" correct, and I actually had to slap Storyline around a little before this worked as its supposed to. I'm not sure why - that never happened to me before, but figured I should share it with you!

Rob Morgan

Thanks. The only objects that were on my page were text boxes so I could not rearrange those. I had tried to create a shape and I gave it no fill and no outline so that it was invisible and I made it the top item on my timeline but that still did not work. I tried placing a shape offstage and made it the top object but that did not work either.

Then I created a new text entry box and set that offstage as the top object on the timeline and that did not work. I tried bringing it onto my slide and making it invisible and the slide still places the cursor in my First Name box deleting the words first name.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Rob,

Here are a couple screen shots and also a "story" I threw together REALLY quickly. This one shows the shape that's offstage, and its position on the timeline, below the 2 text entry boxes.

and this one shows the slide in preview mode. Both text entry boxes show the instructions to the Learners.

If that's not helpful, perhaps you can upload your story and one of us
in the community can see if there's a reason it's not cooperating.


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Rob, I just went back and took a look at my story and I'm not sure what I was thinking before...I mentioned SL was acting a bit weird when I first went to test this. Anyway, if you place the offstage shape at the bottom of the timeline, exactly OPPOSITE what I told you ... sheesh and sorry ... all text entries will show there information. I'm uploading an updated story...and since I couldn't delete the original posts, I've gone ahead and edited/corrected them.

Sorry again, Rob. What's the old saying..."if you can't convince them, confuse them?" Hope you're not too confused.

Note: Whatever is at the bottom of the timeline is focused on first. Which is why this should work.

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