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Brett Rockwood

Text wrapping is not a feature of SL. Nor is flowing text into an irregularly shaped object such as a triangle or square. To my knowledge text can only be inserted through a text box (square or rectangular) or through the insert object command on a rectangle or rounded rectangle shape. It would be a great feature request and I encourage you to send one.

Brett Rockwood

Nope. Still not there. I usually resort to forced line breaks to get this done. Of course there is danger there if you have to edit the text afterward. Put in the feature request. The more a feature is requested the more likely it will be implemented — I've seen it happen ;-)

My wish would be to be able to add text to any shape. So for instance you create a circle and the text would wrap to fill the circle. This way you could create any kind of shape you needed to fit around another object and then fill that shape with your text. (This is the way page layout programs like InDesign work.) The next step would be to add text threading where you could have several linked text boxes of any shape where the text flows through them automatically. That is a very powerful feature.

Gary Collins

This shouldn't be hard for them to do, and surprised they haven't already.

I can see the text not wrapping if the textbox and image are two separate objects.

But, if you had the option to add an image inside of a text box then the text should wrap around it with no issues.

I would think that this would be basic html programming.

     <img src="someimage.jpg" style="float: right;">
     Here is some text in the container

Off to make feature request.

Ryan Simons

Dear Storyline Staff and Developers,

Thank you so much for a wonderful product and incredible community of support. Happy Holidays to all of you and your families. 

I can think of no better gift for all of your customers this season than to "wrap-up" some text. If you could you add this merry and joyous feature (text-wrapping) to your product soon, I promise to keep the spirit, "all the live long year" and pass it on to others in the community. 

Remember this time of year, during those long winter days, the designers and developers in their cold offices, desperately trying to figure out another way to text-wrap around the photo of a loved one. Their fingers huddled around the candle yearning for warmth.

Please spirit show me no more...

If only we could give them more time to hurry home and hold their loved ones by the warm hearth by offering a simple text wrapping feature. Tell me these are the shadows of yet to come? 



Samantha Kitover

Today at the Articulate Roadshow in Seattle we learned about scrolling panels.  If used in a slide master, IDs have the ability to add a Picture Placeholder in the scrolling panel.  Unfortunately because there is no floating text feature, the Picture Placeholder functionality is less valuable since text will be behind a photo you would like to be inside your scrolling panel. 

I +1 the feature enhancement request. 

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Carl,

You should see the option to "Wrap text in shape" if there is text included in a text box or in a shape. If the "wrap text" option is checked, the text will wrap within the dimensions of the shape, meaning the text will not extend beyond the width of the shape.

It sounds like you want to have the option to wrap text around another object, like an image. Is that correct? That's not currently a feature in Storyline 360, but I can see how it would be handy. I'll pass the idea along--thanks for letting us know how we can make things better!