Text button/label, appears to be jumping in hover state

Jan 10, 2018

Going a bit insane here.  I have a simple course menu with topics in text links/buttons.   There are three states:  Normal, Completed and Hover.   In the Hover state, the text appears to be jumping by one pixel or so.  As far as I can tell, they are in the exact same position.  I thought it might be something with the Text Box formatting, but they're all set the same.  Please see attached.  The bottom line of 3 topics appears to be OK; the others are jumping.

Ideas?  Thanks!

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Darren Hardwell


I've encountered this jumping text problem (right now in 2020).   The fix was to not put any text directly on buttons, but instead to create a text box and then paste this into all the button states.  This has been posted elsewhere, but just adding it here for others as this was the first link I found which mentions this issue.

Lauren Connelly

Hi everyone!

I appreciate everyone popping into this discussion to share similar issues with button states. Unfortunately, I do not see any recent cases about this behavior. Is everyone using Storyline 360 or Storyline 3?

If we could also test projects with this behavior, that would help us pinpoint a potential fix. If you're comfortable sharing your .story file, please upload it in a support case.

Kevin Villanova

I am having this issue.  I am using Storyline 360 (updated 4/6/22).  My menu text seems to vibrate on hover when approaching the text from the bottom with my cursor.  It is as if there are invisible areas where the text thinks I'm hovering, but upon hovering it then thinks I'm not hovering and reverts to the normal state.  In the attached  video you can't see the full strobe effect that I'm getting, but you can certainly see that as I move my cursor slowly closer to the menu text, it changes back and forth from the Normal to Hover states.  I have opened a case with Support so they can see what's going on.

Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Kevin.

Thank you for opening a support case!

My teammate Darrell found this issue is related to the different text formatting, affecting the size of the object's bounding box. The fix Darrell proposed was to ensure that each state has the same size for its bounding box.

Please reach out through the case if you have additional questions!