Text changes when I paste it into Storyline

The text seems to change (appears bold) indiscriminately.

I have a document that has been translated into Chinese. The translators provided the text, which looks normal when I paste it into Word or other programs (i.e. all the same font and formatting). However, when I paste the text into Storyline, it randomly appears to bold certain text. See attachment. Note: I've already tried clicking the 'Bold' button. However, it only makes the affected text bolder - so that's not the problem.

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Kim Simmons

Hi Laurie,

I've never ran into this situation but you've piqued my interest as to a solutions. I searched for "copying text into storyline" and many results were presented. Here's a link to the first one I read. Solutions identified seemed interesting. Hope to see what you find to work for your situation.



Brian Dennis

Kim's pointer is a good start, but I'd generally recommend avoiding copy/paste from Word, especially the newer versions to avoid invisible Word-specific formatting codes that confuse many apps including SL. Chinese and many languages are "multibyte unicode" so they need a compatible font loaded into your system. I know many Kanji fonts exist for Far East language work on English systems

Laurie Huth

Oh my gosh.... thank you, THANK YOU to both of you!! My text is all uniform now. Looks like Brian was right about the 'multibyte unicode' and 'invisible Word-specific formatting codes'. I was able to make my text look uniform by doing the following:

1.  Strip all the formatting out of the original text. Copy text. 

2.   Create a new text box in Storyline (devoid of any invisible Word-specific formatting codes) and paste text in new text box.