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May 31, 2012

Hi there -

Looks like I'm having a similar issue with Storyline that I did with Articulate Presenter and text/character spacing....

I tried to troubleshoot with the same tip found for Aritculate presenter; however, I don't see a Character Spacing button. 


Here's what happens with my project:


Thanks everyone,


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Kevin Thorn

Hi Raymond,

I've experienced this in both Studio and Storyline. What I've found is (unofficially) that it has something to do with copy/paste. Assuming you're copying from MS Word? When copying from MS Word, the formatting gets wonky. Even after readjusting the font and text box size where it "looks" correct during authoring - after publishing it looks all wonky again.

Odd thing is it doesn't happen all the time when copying from other source documents.

A couple approaches that may work for you:

1. Copy and then paste as plain text. Then change to the font of choice.

2. Hand type the content instead of copying/pasting. I know...not very efficient but seems to eliminate the problem.

Hope this helps.

Raymond Wan

Thanks Jerome - but i'm actually looking for the function on Storyline...

Kevin, I actually copied and pasted from PPT...

I'll try some of the things you suggested as well.  I noticed that the odd spacing also happens to certain fonts....I'm currently using Century Gothic...seems to be spacing issues with that quite frequently.



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