Storyline 2 - character spacing problem

Nov 17, 2014

Hi all,

I'm having a problem when publishing a module (it doesn't really show in preview): in some words there seems to be extra spaces between letters. See the words "pumps" & "and" in the screenshot below:


I've tried removing text - copy/paste via notepad without success. I also tried changing character spacing to 1 which didn't work either.

This problem can also be random, ie when changing the text it may solve the problem on one specific word but add another extra space into some other word...

This is a real issue since I cannot replace / retype every single word of the whole module and then check which one has new extra spaces.


Many thanks in advance

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Kristian Terry

Hi, I had the same problem with Arial. Seems to happen on size 12. A fix can be found by changing the text sizes to 12.5 or 11.5.

It is a hassle.. but it's worked for me. Also typing out the text rather than copying it from word or notepad is another solution. 

ps. it only seems to happen with regular arial.. other fonts work well.


Belen Ferrer

Hi there,

Just wanted to add my support here, hoping more numbers means the issue will be addressed sooner. Spacing between characters in Arial is still weird. See here:

I'm still surprised that this was ever a problem to begin with, since Arial is such a basic, common font (not that it's a sexy font, but sometimes you are requested to use it). Also, SL2 is 6 updates in by now.

Hoping this issue gets resolved soon!


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