Storyline 2 - character spacing problem

Hi all,

I'm having a problem when publishing a module (it doesn't really show in preview): in some words there seems to be extra spaces between letters. See the words "pumps" & "and" in the screenshot below:


I've tried removing text - copy/paste via notepad without success. I also tried changing character spacing to 1 which didn't work either.

This problem can also be random, ie when changing the text it may solve the problem on one specific word but add another extra space into some other word...

This is a real issue since I cannot replace / retype every single word of the whole module and then check which one has new extra spaces.


Many thanks in advance

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Lisa Jones

Sindy - thanks for bringing the question up. There are more of us who follow this thread and area also still curious.

Personally, I'm glad people ask about status once in a while. As a several-years-old-thread any additional voice on the issue may help push this up as a priority when it falls to something else.

Brian - I'm not sure many of us have been so lucky to have insight into the progress of the font rendering engine and there is genuine need for the fix and curiosity about when it will be resolved. Since this has been ongoing, and folks are still posting, it would be nice (and likely prevent the new posts) if there was some intermittent communication from Articulate staff about where they are on the issue -- and perhaps they could share in a video with more folks the insight you have about so the new font engine works.

I wonder if it's Articulate' s position to have everyone with a technical question reach out to Simon directly, bypassing posting on the community. 


Simon Taghioff

Hi Lisa,

I promised an update to this group once we had a better idea of how things were progressing in Beta.

As we’ve dug deeper into the work (and through the Beta process), it’s become clear to us that the true scope of this feature is far broader than we’d originally anticipated.

While the additional work has pushed out our schedule (we eventually went to Beta early last month), it means that we’ve been able to make many more improvements to the way Storyline renders text above and beyond addressing the character spacing concerns raised in this thread.

The good news is that it seems the extra effort has been worth it. Text simply looks and flows much better in almost every font and context, and what you see on the stage is now virtually identical to what you’ll see during playback. We handle fonts with multiple weights much more intelligently than before and are making improvements to the way we handle text entered into form fields or displayed using variables. The work amounts to an entirely new text rendering engine for Storyline – we’re calling it ‘Modern Text’.

We’re currently working on implementing the remaining feedback we’ve received from the beta process and are on course to release the feature during Q1.

We'll keep a close eye on this thread in the meantime, and I'll be happy to answer further questions folks might have.

- Simon

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Terry and Tim, 

The changes Simon referenced will only be available in Storyline 3 and Storyline 360.

This is based on the changes we're making to how text is laid out on the slide and the new tech options that weren't available when Storyline 2 was created. If you need to look at upgrading your courses to Storyline 3 or 360, there are discounts available based on your existing Storyline 2 license and our Sales team is happy to walk you through all those. 

As Simon mentioned it'll be available in Q1 so you'll be able to take a look in a trial of Articulate 360 here! 

Lisa Jones

Hi Simon, 

I just wanted to tell you I greatly appreciate your response. I found the detail enlightening in understanding where you've been, some of the challenges, and where you are now. It's the type of communication that I (and I suspect most folks who are running into some issues) find extremely helpful in our planning and our communication with our clients, users and teams.

I'm super excited to hand off a course knowing I don't have to respond to things like "there's an extra space between the X and Y." :).

Thank you again for taking the time to jump in and update.


Jeffrey Shade

Hey All,

I am not sure if anyone has offered this as a work around, but I just found that if I set my character spacing to .1 points condensed, the text renders correctly and there is no noticeable condensing.  For some reason it does not work when I try .1 points expanded.

Hope that helps.

Simon Taghioff

Hey folks,

Great news! We’ve just released an update to Storyline 360 which addresses the issues raised on this thread.

As we investigated, we realized there was an opportunity to make far broader improvements to the way Storyline renders text. The result is a brand new text rendering engine for Storyline – we call it Modern Text.

Once you have the update installed, new projects will use Modern Text by default. To use Modern Text with an existing project, you’ll have to switch it on in the Fonts menu under the ‘Design’ ribbon tab.

Text now looks beautiful and flows naturally wherever it’s used. What you see on the stage is what you’ll see in the finished output. We intelligently choose the best font to use where multiple fonts in the same family are available. Finally, text in input fields or variable %referenced% text will now always use the correct font when you publish as HTML5.

This has been a massive undertaking that’s touched almost every part of Storyline that uses text.

We appreciate your patience while we’ve been through this process and hope that you’ll agree the final result has been worth the wait.

The update is available today for Storyline 360 customers. We’ll also be releasing this as a free update for Storyline 3 customers in the coming weeks, and will make sure we let you know as soon as it’s available.

Thanks again,

- Simon

Leslie McKerchie

Hello everyone!

I wanted to pop in to let you know that Update 3 for Storyline 3 has now been released. Download the latest update here.

I think you'd be most interested in this new feature:

  • The new text-rendering engine for Storyline 3 allows text to flow beautifully with consistent spacing and readability on every device. And learners will always see the correct fonts for variable references and data-entry fields in HTML5 output. Learn more about modern text.

Let us know what you think!