Text Data Entry Field Not Working Correctly

Feb 02, 2023

I have added a Text Data Entry field on a slide and despite telling it to have a top alignment and to use scrollbars, it is aligning the text in the middle and using text overflow instead of scrollbars.

I've used this feature many times in the past and it worked great. Not sure if a recent update broke the functionality or if there is something obvious I'm missing.

I can't post my file but I can post some screenshots. Here are the settings:

How it looks in Storyline 3:

How it looks when published (horizontal alignment):

Scroll bar not working:


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Michael Gibbons

Yeah I think it is a bug because it worked as intended on another computer. Both were using the most recent update.

I was able to transfer the working text entry field into my project with the incorrectly working field and it works. It's on the same slide and both have the same settings yet one works and one doesn't. Odd...