Text elements trouble shooting

Hey there, 

as soon as I insert more than one text box and select those to appear only for a part of my timeline, the text boxes stop working properly. 

The first text box works, the second appears and does not go away anymore, all the additional ones are not even shown.

It is very frustrating to have a feature with so many bugs. The consequence is that we are not going to use it if it remains so troubled.

Thank you in advance for looking into the bug of Storyline and for coming back at this post too.



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Marco,

Thanks for sharing your file. It looks like you've set it up to pause the slide timeline when the slide reaches certain cue points, and it's not entirely clear where the user is it click to advance the timeline again with the hotspots. When you click on the slide you're actually clicking on the video as well (if you didn't happen to touch the hotspot) and that will resume the video independent of the slide timeline. Perhaps one method would be to insert a transparent shape over the top of your video so that way the user cannot click on the video to resume, but only on the hotspot.

Also, take a look at your hotspots, as they're set to resume the timeline but also only appear for a period of time restricting the time when a user has the option to click on them as well. And when the timeline is paused the textboxes also won't appear. You could set the cue points to start a moment after the textboxes or hotspots appear? 

Once I did that everything seemed to work as you'd expect! It's also helpful to turn on the seekbar while troubleshooting this as you'll notice that the slide pauses. 

Marco Baldan

Hi Ashley,

Thank you for your reply.

In reference to the shape, I had inserted in another trial of ours: thanks for the heads up.

The problem is still that the text some times does not disappear or does not appear (as it is supposed to).

I am working with your own screen recording now and making separate slides click by click. It is also an option although we cannot zoom as much as we did previously.

Thank you for the hint on the seekbar anyway.