Text entries carrying over inconsistently

Jan 26, 2021

Hi Heroes,

I built an interaction that requires learners to type questions (text entry) about a photo as an exercise in being curious. The questions are intended to carry over with the %textentry1% feature into subsequent slides so learners can assess their questions. However, the questions are carrying over inconsistently. Testers have consistently said that only 2-4 questions carry over to later slides. I've had it happen that no questions carry over or all of them do.

The SL file is attached. Any help is greatly appreciated! :)

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Jaycee Sipagan

Hello, Lindsey,

Thank you for the detailed description of the issue. I'll do my best to help.

After checking your file, it seems that the issue is related on the timing of your trigger. You see, the variable is supposed to capture the value on your textbox when the user loses focus on the textbox itself. However, the design of slide one will not force the user to lose focus before it jumps to the next slide, thus, there are times that the trigger won't kick in.

To resolve this, I converted your 2nd slide to a layer of the 1st slide so that the user is forced to click a button and lose the focus on the textbox allowing the trigger to kick in.

Note: The layer needs to allow users to click from base layer for this to work properly. I have attached the modified .story file below.

I hope this helps. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have further questions.