text entry - cursor disappears after invalid response

Jan 30, 2014


I have an issue with a text entry box.

When my slide starts, the cursor appears automatically in the text box. The learner has just to type the answer, without clicking first in the box (marvellous!). But I have thought : What happens if the learner had the idea (oh noooo!) to click anywhere in the slide before to type the answer?

I have tried to do this, and the 'invalid answer' message appears. Then I have a problem, because when I click on OK, the pop-up message disappears, but the cursor is NOT in the text box anymore. And of course, if I click on the text box, the 'invalid answer' appears...

Obviously, the learner should not click before to type the answer... but he is mischievous!...

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Isabelle,

I'm sorry - but that was too entertaining! :D

.. but he is mischievous!...

I'll be saying that for the rest of the day!

Is this for a step-by-step recording or just an interaction? In either case, it sounds like one option might work for you. You could modify the "Invalid Answer" text label so that it directs the learner to click in the text field. Of course, if this isn't the only type of interaction you're using that may not help. 

If it is an option, check out this article:

Articulate Support - How to modify “Invalid Answer”feedback

If that's not an option for you, can you tell me what type of quiz or interaction you're using? 

.. but he is mischievous!...


Finally I found a solution!

As the trigger 'submit interaction' was set 'when user clicks outside textentry field' (the problem being that the interaction was submitted even if the user clicked ON the textentry field...), I have added a condition 'if textentry variable is not equal to (blank)'.

I am not sure that it is the simpliest solution, but it works!!

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