Text-entry field failing to proceed when retaking quiz

Jun 29, 2017

Hello!  I created a video quiz where one of the slides requires a numeric entry to be entered in order to proceed to the next question of the quiz.  When user has to retake this quiz this slide is causing the entire presentation to freeze.  Literally gets stuck in a blue screen and cannot continue or back out even though it works just fine on initial round.  What am I missing that could cause the quiz to fail after the text-entry question?

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Susi B

Hi Shannon,

do you reset the text entry field when they retake the quiz? Or is an other layer (like the feedback  passed/not passed still showing) still active? In preview (in SL or the output on your pc) or on your LMS? Testing your output in Scorm Cloud is always recommended by the staff, when something unusual happens in your environment.

Maybe you could share here or to the support team your file so that someone can have a look into your file and can check whats happening.



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