Text Entry Field shows Variable Name when cleared

I want variable contents to show up automatically in the text entry field when the slide opens and this works well.  However, if all of the text is erased in the field, the text entry field shows the variable name - e.g., %variable1%.  This is a problem in all of the browsers I have tried.

I have attached a file with three examples: (1) Example 1 clears the text entry field with mouse hover. (2) Example 2 doesn't provide any starting default text.  (3) Example 3 expects the user to backspace to delete the text before typing.  All three have the same problem.

How do I fix this please?  It looks unprofessional and users complain.  Thanks

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Gail.

Thank you for sharing your .story file! 

When you use Text Entry, you don't need to type the variable's name in the text field since Storyline already does it for you. You can change the default value in the variables panel to what you want to show up when the user plays the course. 

I am attaching the edited file here. All I did was delete the text boxes from the slide. 

Let me know if it works!