Text Entry Field with Scrolling Panel

Jun 17, 2015

I am having the most difficult time getting the font on my text entry to be large enough to see on the next slide.  Basically, I have a text entry on one slide, then on the next slide the user will compare the approved summary to the one they wrote.  I added a scrolling panel and then drug the text entry box over it.  So when the user clicks to the next slide they see one side of the slide with the approved summary and one side of the slide with what they typed on the previous page, a side by side comparison.  The problem is what they type is so small if it is long and has to scroll that they cannot read it, I want them to be able to scroll side by side and do a comparison...help!!

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Ronda Otey

Need to add another issue with these slides....when a user types past the text box and the scrolling takes over, they advance to the next slide, do the comparison, then go back to the previous slide to add information the scroll bar appears and they can click on the top row to add but they cannot see what they are adding because the text box shows the last line.  To test this just type past the text box until the scroll bar appears then advance to the next slide, then use the previous button to go back, try and type on the first line and you will see that all you can view is the last line, not the top line when you are adding information.  Thanks !

Leslie McKerchie

Hey Greg - it doesn't look like Ronda did get a reply. Not sure how we missed that.

My advice is to make the text box 'too big' to prevent the shrinking issue that you see.

This will allow the 'text box' to hold all the text and the scrolling panel will work as you expect.

If you need us to take a look, please feel free to share your .story file.

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